by Max Voorhees | 11:58 am

Guitar Wah Pedals -Make Your Guitar Cry

  Ah… Wah pedals. My absolute favorite type of pedal there is out there. Even if you claim to have never heard a guitarist use a wah pedal, you definitely have. One guitarist that

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by Max Voorhees | 5:05 am

Guitar Delay Pedals – Your New Best Friend

In one of my previous posts, I discussed how to get started with building a pedal board. In this article we will talk about a certain type of pedal that you will most likely

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by Max Voorhees | 3:02 pm

How to Teach Yourself Guitar – 4 Tips for Beginners

So this is it! You’ve decided that you want to learn to play guitar. Maybe someone you have seen has inspired you to play. Maybe you have always wanted to learn but never got

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by Max Voorhees | 9:14 am

How To Become a Better Guitarist – 5 tips for better playing

For beginners and guitar veterans alike, everyone wants to know how to become a better guitarist. We see the greats and their flawless technique, we listen to monsters of the guitar and their mesmerizing

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by Max Voorhees | 12:05 pm

Acoustic Electric Guitars – Should You Buy one?

I wrote a post not too long ago asking; do you need an acoustic guitar effects pedal? I know this is a site dedicated mostly to guitar pedals, but acoustic electric guitars and acoustic

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by Max Voorhees | 11:10 am

Guitar Pedal Boards 101

So, you’ve made the decision. You’ve decided that you want to dive into the world of analog pedals and guitar pedal boards. You’ve got your eye on those first few juicy pedals that you

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by Max Voorhees | 10:19 am

Do You Need an Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal?

In my previous post, I discussed multi effects pedals and stompbox pedals. Today we will be discussing if you need an acoustic guitar effects pedal. “But Max, why would I need an effects pedal

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by Max Voorhees | 1:05 pm

Guitar Effects and Pedals – Multi Effects or Stompbox?

Ah! The world of the electric guitar can be so invigorating and exciting. This can be especially true when diving into the world of guitar effects and pedals. Whether you are an experienced player

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by Max Voorhees | 12:52 pm

About Max

Hey everyone! My name is Max Voorhees and I absolutely love to play guitar. I have played everything from blues, to acoustic finger style, to metal and gypsy jazz. I have owned pedals, classical

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