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Hey everyone! My name is Max Voorhees and I absolutely love to play guitar.

I have played everything from blues, to acoustic finger style, to metal and gypsy jazz. I have owned pedals, classical guitars, ukuleles, basses, acoustic guitars, Les Pauls, Stratocasters, and even little travel guitars. If it has strings and vibrates, I want to play it.

While my secret love is acoustic finger style, my roots lie with the electric guitar. I absolutely love the sounds that an electric guitar can make, but we all know that a lot of the sounds that are possible on the electric guitar come from the effects pedals each guitarist uses.

From reverb, to distortion, to chorus and delay (don’t forget your wah pedal), there are countless ways to make your guitar sound the way you want it to.

Here at Pedal Pickers, we strive to make sure that you know exactly which effects pedals can give you the sound that you crave for your unique style of playing.


My Guitar Story

Early Dayz

My guitar beginnings were less than humble. I remember I started learning out of jealousy. My brother got a guitar for his birthday and I didn’t. So I asked myself, “why didn’t I?”. Was I not cool enough to play?

It turns out that wasn’t the case, but because of sibling rivalry, I had an intense desire to play, and to play better than my brother.

Oh boy, I remember my first time picking up his guitar! I remember it as if it was yesterday.

My brother had received a knock-off brand Les Paul that my aunt bought from a used music store; orange sunburst, Seymour Duncan humbuckers, and heavy as a rock. Even though it was a knock off, paired with the Fender blues tube amp he got with it, that sucker screamed.

He had also purchased one of those “all in one” pedals with over 100 effects and a pre-installed wah pedal, and while this was awesome for my beginning stages of playing, it always left something to be desired; it always left a sour taste in my mouth.

It wasn’t very intuitive, it was difficult to cycle between effects, and it was cumbersome to mix effects. It wasn’t what I was looking for. But being broke and in high school, I didn’t have many other options.

Fast forward 13 years later and I now have a different outlook on my electric guitar playing and now know that individual effects pedals attached to a pedal board are the way to go.

All your effects under one roof

So why did I create Pedal Pickers you ask? Well it’s simple.

Throughout my journey of guitar playing, one that will never end mind you, I have encountered certain problems when selecting which pedals to purchase.

Sometimes I have made an impulse buy and not completely researched what the pedal does and how I can use it to my advantage. Other times, I just liked the color and figured it would make my pedal board look better, later finding out that it had no place with my style of playing.

Other times, I never experimented with the pedal itself enough to figure out its true potential, or how it could mix with my other pedals effectively.

Come on, we’ve all either been or seen that player. The player who uses waaaaaayyy too many effects, or the player who doesn’t use enough effects at all. The player who hides their poor technique behind effects, or the player who has no idea what their pedals even do.

We want to help you not become that player.

Our Goal

Here at pedal pickers, we know that choosing the right pedal for your taste can be daunting.

There are so many to choose from. There are so many effects; some that do very simple things to just adding distortion, to others that allow you to layer effects over each other, to even looping your melodies and rhythms on top of one another.

Our Goal is to take all the research out of your hands. We want Pedal Pickers to be a place where guitarists of all ages and skill levels can come to get a trusted, accurate, and intelligently researched pedal with reviews and videos to boot!

We also want this to be a place where players can come and add to the discussion. A place where any player can tell others which pedals work for them, while letting us know which ones don’t. We strive for interaction between ourselves and fellow players alike so that we can form a community that is safe and trusted.

We hope that over time, Pedal Pickers will allow you to share this information with other players, regardless of their age or skill level. That way we are not only helping you, but you are also helping others.

So please take a look around and let us know if there is anything that we can do to help your pedal picking easier and stress free.

In the name of melting faces, tasty licks, and smooth grooves,

Max Voorhees

Founder of Pedal Pickers


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